a very thin border

"A very Thin Border" reflects on the edge upon which we stand — where the familiar world can, in a heartbeat, turn into a relic of the past. It's a fleeting breath between security and chaos. Between loss and hope. Between resilience and fracture. The exhibition is a journey through the fine lines that are visible, tangible, and physical to the spiritual, imagined, and abstract. Between reality and the art that interprets it, allowing for a different encoding, a new perspective, or gaze. The raging war at the forefront thrust me into a depth of soul-searching and an inner quest that illuminated my artworks with additional layers of meaning to boundaries.

  • Conceptual boundaries illustrate the complex nature of human experience, how a certain situation can swiftly transition to another, and how people, communities, and corporations are in constant negotiation over the spaces between them. (עברית בכפתור למטה)

A visual story about relationships between nature, humanity & technology

first look


The pulse of galmilush studio, is a meeting point of painting, photography, graphic design, typography, and AI. Each artwork belongs to a chapter and all chapters connect to one STORY.

The digital print series are limited edition on acrylic glass. No work is duplicated exactly, ensuring that each piece remains uniquely characterful to its buyer. Some of the works are currently being minted and will be available for purchase as NFTs.

Painting on raw fabrics to wooden shelves found on the street, ceramics, lucid surfaces, jute and canvas. From oils to acrylics, spray paint, brushes, silk print, stencils, and handwriting. The digital prints are a fresh & original artworks based on Milush's photography, paintings, Graphic Design & AI.

Layers of Meaning hold the Art Evolution.


A Hyperrealistic, Escapist, and Expressive Vision. Unexpected trip to new landscapes & elements full of emotional passionate visual.


 Here, like a book there are chapters. They appear in a non-linear order, which tell the story of  the familiar world in new shaped visual patterns.

gal milush

44, is an Israel-based visual artist and designer whose insightful work explores the confluence of culture, nature, and technology.


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