Gal Milush

44, is an Israel-based visual artist and designer whose insightful work explores the confluence of culture, nature, and technology.

For 18 years as a leading visual creator, her A-LIST clients included 'who's who' of influential figures, prestigious iconic brands, women's entrepreneurship companies, luxurious worldwide events and partnering with a diverse range of industries: fashion, high-tech, medical, music, education, community, and more. Known for her ambitious projects and pioneering designs, ability to transform ideas into vibrant visual stories, blending meticulous typography with evocative imagery that deeply resonated with a the diverse clientele.

Mili now channels her energy into her art and research, influencing the visual communication and art spheres with her distinct vision.

As the creative chief of Mili&Sara creative agency, for 11 years, she led challenging briefs, designed innovative and groundbreaking ideas accompanied by a chain of visual design experiences. 

A pivotal period at Ascola-Meimad College of Art, Design, and Architecture in Tel Aviv enriched her expertise in Design and Visual Communications, providing her with a solid foundation in both theoretical and practical aspects of design. Furthering her academic journey, Mili pursued and earned a Bachelor's degree in Humanities and Social Sciences from The Open University of 

Israel, an experience that broadened her analytical and cultural perspectives. Her early professional steps were taken in SACK’S, an international fashion label based in Tel Aviv, where she stood out with her graphic design acumen within the dynamic fashion industry.

These formative experiences led to a creative partnership with her sister, Sara. Upon her return from a short relocation to the USA, the siblings founded the "Mili & Sara" creative agency. They left an indelible mark across industries with their trend-setting campaigns. Among their achievements was the creation of the logo and graphic identity for Israel's first IoT conference, as well as branding campaigns for the culinary world, such as the "Black Morning" and "Fan Dining" and leading iconic brand-books for many companies. During the pandemic, their agency skillfully adapted established dining experiences to new formats, showing their flexibility and strength. With the gradual retreat of COVID-19, the partnership between the sisters ended on friendly terms.

These heartache-war days have urged her to expand her M.Des. (Master of Design) research at the Bezalel Academy in Jerusalem and examine the current post-trauma Israeli society is experiencing following the post-Covid era.