From raw fabrics to wooden shelves found on the street, ceramics, lucid surfaces, jute and canvas. My palette ranges includes a variety of mediums from oils to acrylics, spray paint, brushes, silk print, stencils, and handwriting to bring my vision to life. I paint words, flowers, and feelings.

Words have many meanings even when they are not clear. Not transparent. Not distinct. Blurred. So, interpretation is open. Each page is a sponge. It reads and absorbs. Transparent. Reflects light. Cultivates new meanings. Letters lead combinations of words that make up the heart of the works. From them, stories, drawings, graffiti, texts, poems, thoughts, erasures - with pen, ink, chalk, and pastels. Oil colors, acrylics, colored pencils, silk printing. Digital and manual. Abstract typography, typed, drawn. Breathed. Dripping color and texture, thickness. Segments. Words that got mixed into an attempt to express something forgotten amidst the intellectual clutter and existential confusion in a world that is not self-contained. Among multiple messages. In uncertainty, even a clear word has a very temporary meaning. The effects of multilayered human communication. People communicate in layers of information. They say, forget, apologize, repeat things. Emphasize. Whisper. Text. Calculate. Doubt. Mumble. Say and don't believe. Hear and don't listen or listen to themselves.  Post-traumatic writing releases. We got used to instant comforting poetry. Erasures. Love letters are forgotten. Writing a screams in silenced. Texts have become something slightly new, and reading has changed. Print did not die, it's still here, lost some of its power but words continue living. Not just on the screen. Not just in the mind or heart. In a physical communication way. In art, they implant differently. You can find the words with eyes that explore patiently, without seeking answers; there are many questions between the lines. And there are no zero or one victories here. In the spaces between the letters (a lovely kerning), you can breathe.

Photography and text works are a bit like a movie trailer with subtitles, capturing the moment but still evolving and reflecting the now. In painting, the letters wander and hover. They rise one above the other, leaning towards over-emotionality. In digital graphics, they are polite, beautiful, designed, outlined, clean, free of mistakes. Equal. More equal. Fonts with varying weights maintain unity and create a stronger sense of meaning. They cut. Don't compromise. Align a line. Arrange another. Rows of non-uniform words constructed from points and vectors with infinite possibilities. All of these come together into something that says the same thing slightly differently every day, depending on how you look at it or who reads it and when, and in what light. Interpretation is given.

  • Aspirations
  • Crown Daisy Field
    Crown Daisy Field
  • Don't Fake Love
  • Heartbeat
  • Purple Crown Daisy Field
    Purple Crown Daisy Field
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