pictures taken in Milush's art studio between the years 2020-2022


By Mili Gal

On 6:30am Shabbat, October 7,  I was awakened by ear-shattering sirens. From my deep connection to this land, I knew; we are in war. We are fighting but we're not alone. Israel is alive, and together, we're strong.

Our power is in the spirit, which is everywhere – in the soul, the sky, earth, and in the hearts of millions. 

I find it hard to breathe.  The shock from the evil actions. From the sights. We cannot calm down. One cannot help but choke and cry knowing there are children, babies, women, mothers, elderly, men and women who were forced out of their homes, dragged from their beds, people who were just party-  innocent people. We have a duty to bring them back home.

The hostages MUST BE RELEASED NOW!!!

This is a call to help strengthen that spirit and reinforce our unity.